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Workplace Back Injuries

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Back injuries – such as herniated discs, fractured vertebrae, low back strains/lumbar sprains, whiplash, cervical fractures, and spinal cord injuries – are one of the most common workplace injuries. Unfortunately, they are often the most difficult workplace injuries to prove.

Workplace back injuries can occur as a result of a workplace accident, such as a slip and fall accident, or they may develop over time as a result of repetitive stress during work-related activities.

The Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers at Donald W. Fohrman & Associates, Ltd. focus on helping injured employees obtain the compensation that they deserve following a workplace accident. As dedicated accident and injury lawyers, we are well-versed in the various injuries that can occur in workplace accidents, and we are equipped to handle your legal claim accordingly.

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Workers’ Compensation for Back Injuries

If you suffer from a work-related back injury, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. Under Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, injured workers can recover the following workers’ compensation benefits after for a work-related injury:

  1. Medical expenses
  2. Temporary total disability (TTD) benefits equal to two-thirds of your average gross weekly wage, up to a weekly maximum payment
  3. Permanent total disability (PTD) or permanent partial disability (PPD) benefits, which are often paid as lump-sum payments
  4. Vocational rehabilitation benefits

Challenges Associated with Back Injury Workers’ Compensation Claims

Employers and workers’ compensation claims adjusters are generally a bit suspicious of workers’ compensation claims based on back injuries. First, as soft tissue injuries, back injuries can be difficult to diagnose. Second, in many cases, back injuries are not the result of a specific work-related accident; rather, they develop over time without a specific date of injury. For these reasons, it is critical to retain the advice and counsel of a trained workplace accident attorney to help you pursue a workers’ compensation claim for your back injury.

The Chicago workplace injury attorneys at Donald W. Fohrman & Associates focus on helping injured employees obtain the workers’ compensation benefits that they deserve. Our experience with workers’ compensation claim process allows us to guide you through the entire workers’ compensation process, from finding the necessary medical treatment and obtaining the appropriate medical records to filing a claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission and advocating on your behalf at a workers’ compensation hearing.

We are committed to helping injured employees suffering from work-related back injuries and other injuries obtain the medical attention and financial compensation that they deserve. Our focused experience with accident and injury law allows us to pursue your legal claims efficiently and effectively.

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