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If you are a person with disabilities and your condition prevents you from working, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. With more than 45 years of experience helping people with disabilities in Cook, DuPage, and Lake Counties, our SSDI attorneys will help you navigate the system, present your case, and obtain disability benefits so you can enjoy a more financially stable lifestyle.

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Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits?

Has a health condition or serious injury caused you to become unable to work? If you have worked in the past but are no longer able to perform the duties of your old job and you’re unable to work in an alternative position, you may be eligible to receive monthly Social Security Disability payments to help you make ends meet. To qualify, you must show that:

  1. You meet the SSA’s qualification for severe impairment
  2. Your condition is expected to last 12 months or longer or is terminal
  3. You have enough work credits to be eligible

If you are unable to meet the minimum number of work credits required by the SSA, you may still be able to obtain monthly benefit payments by filing for Supplemental Security Income benefits. This income-based program is available to people with disabilities who have not earned significant income in the past few years. 

Let Our Disability Attorneys Guide You Through the Claims Process

Studies indicate that people who hire disability lawyers to handle their claims are approximately three times more likely to win benefits. This is because SSDI attorneys are generally more familiar with the language used by the SSA, understand the way claims are processed and the evidence needed to prove a case, and are experienced with presenting cases to the Administration.  

When you work with our disability attorneys, we will:

Additional Social Security Disability Benefits May Be Available

When you work with our SSDI lawyers, we may be able to uncover additional benefits for you and your family members. These may include:


FAQs About Social Security Disability in Chicago

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How much does a disability attorney charge?

Most disability attorneys will handle your SSDI claim for a contingent fee of just 25% of your back pay. The Social Security Administration caps the fees that can be charged by SSDI lawyers and advocates regardless of the amount of back pay owed, however, so the attorney fees you will owe may be significantly less. 

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How long will I have to wait for Social Security Disability benefits?

The waiting period for claims processing has been challenging for claimants and SSDI attorneys alike in recent years. If your initial disability claim is denied in Illinois, you can expect to wait approximately 14.7 months to have your hearing and receive a definitive answer from the ALJ.

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My SSDI claim was denied. Should I file a new application?

In most cases, claimants who are denied benefits at the initial application stage should file an appeal instead of filing a new application. This is because filing a new application simply submits the same information to the same people who denied your claim in the first place. By filing an appeal, your claim is allowed to move through the system, improving your chances of winning benefits.

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