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Maritime Accidents (Jones Act)

The Jones Act is a federal maritime law that provides for benefits to workers who are injured on sea going vessels on navigable waters and offshore oil rigs which can be towed and are not permanently affixed to the ocean floor. Whether you are a seaman, an officer, a harbor pilot, an oil worker, a technician, a helicopter pilot, work on a tugboat, barge, ship, supply boat, semi-submersible drilling rig, jack-up drilling rig or if you become injured on or near the water, you should talk to an experienced maritime lawyer before making a claim or as soon as possible thereafter.

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Benefits include maintenance and cure. Maintenance is daily pay to workers who are unable to work pursuant to doctor’s orders. Cure includes medical care, doctors, hospitals and prescriptions drugs.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a Maritime Law case is a workers’ compensation case. Workers’ Compensation laws are passed by the various States with relatively small cash settlements. The Jones Act is a federal law involving very high cash settlements if the slightest negligence is involved or unseaworthiness of the vessel.

Unlike workers’ compensation and Long shore-Harbor Worker Act cases, there is no State or federal agency involved in the administration of claims. Injured workers that could be covered under the this law should be careful about making claims under workers’ compensation or the Long shore-Harbor Workers’ Act. It is possible to lose rights if the worker elects benefits under other laws.

Settlements in maritime law cases can be significant and the law complex. Injured workers should consult with an experienced maritime lawyer early in the case and be aware of the employer’s desire to minimize their losses.

Some employers will attempt to discourage workers from obtaining information about their legal rights and will try to get workers to file claims under workers’ compensation instead of the Jones Act. If an employer is unwilling to fairly compensate Jones Act workers, a lawsuit can be filed in federal district court seeking damages, however most cases are settled prior to trial.

Jones Act Attorney’s fees are contingent on obtaining a settlement or judgment. The contingent fee is 33 1/3% of your settlement or judgment. Expenses are advanced by your attorney and recovered from the net amount of the your share of the settlement.

If you think you may have a Jones Act claim, please call us at 1(800) Jones Act. We will confidentially speak with you about your injury and answer your questions. We do our best to help our clients both with money and medical care. You will find it easy to talk to your Jones Act lawyer and your phone calls will always be returned on the same day you call. We will provide quality Jones Act legal representation and help you through this difficult time in your life.

If you are considering a Jones Act claim you would do well to obtain as much information as possible about the Jones Act law and lawyers. Our Jones Act website is designed to provide both information about the Jones Act law and our firm. We hope that you will give us the opportunity to speak to you about your concerns before you make a final decision about legal representation. Thank you for visiting our Jones Act website and accept our best wishes to you and yours.

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