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Auto Accident Monetary Damages

In Illinois, injured parties can be compensated for wage loss or other economic loss, medical expenses, and future medical expenses. These types of losses are called “special damages.” You can also get compensated for pain and suffering. This is referred to as “general damages.” Damages means money.

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Medical Expenses:

Your medical expenses are the medical bills, and related expenses for items like crutches, wheelchairs, walkers, TENS units, etc.

Future Medical Expenses:

After your treatment is completed, often, you may require more care in the future such as additional surgeries, medication, physical therapy, etc. It is not uncommon for insurance companies to try to minimize your injuries, even to the extent of hiring doctors to say your injuries are not that serious, you will not need any future medical care, or that you could easily return to work. That’s why it is important for your attorney to completely understand how to characterize your injury.

Wage Loss:

Wage loss is determined by how much work you missed due to your injury multiplied by your rate of compensation. As simple as it sounds, this formula can get complicated if you are self-employed due to improper record keeping, or have a claim that is considered speculative. Generally, you can establish a wage record from past year earnings. Future wage loss is also compensable. Your injuries may not allow you to return to your usual employment so we hire vocational rehabilitation specialists to determine what work you can do with your limitations. An economist can then establish a wage loss analysis to predict what your future wage loss may be. If you cannot return to any kind of work, then an economist can project your earnings loss over your expected work lifetime.

Pain and Suffering:

Pain and suffering encompasses pain, or loss of quality of life (such as the inability to participate in activities with your family and friends, inability to engage in hobbies, sports, travel, etc., depression, and damage to relationships with loved ones, including sexual relations) due to a major injury. There is no set figure or formula that defines how much this amount should be.

No lawyer can tell you at the beginning of your claim how much your case is worth until he or she has all the medical records, bills and wage loss analysis in hand. However, by calling 800-437-2571 anytime and explaining the specific circumstances of your accident and injuries, one of our experienced personal injury attorneys, may be able to give you a “ballpark figure,” or if you prefer, may also use our convenient Free Case Evaluation submission form.

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