United Airlines Employees

Donald W. Fohrman & Associates, Ltd. is one of the leading firms in the State of Illinois representing United employees who have sustained on-the-job injuries.

Over the last 33 years we have secured millions of dollars in Workers’ Compensation benefits for hundreds of United Employees

After being injured at work, United employees are “thrown into” a complex legal system whereby you are entitled to a combination of benefits under both the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act and your union contract.

Because of our extensive experience we are able to successfully guide injured United employees through the particular legal and practical problems associated with United’s Workers’ Compensation system.

We understand the problems injured United employees face when having to deal with United’s human resources department, United’s claim adjusting company, United’s Medical Management firms and the various employee unions.

Immediately after being injured on the job you, unfortunately, have no choice but to rely on United’s claim adjusting company, Gallagher Bassett for direction and advice regarding your rights and benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act.

Gallagher Bassett’s sole responsibility is to protect the legal and financial interests of United. They have no legal obligation, whatsoever, to inform you of your rights. Gallagher Bassett’s adjusters and attorneys’ goal is to reduce or minimize the total amount of benefits to which you are legally entitled. In fact, they can and frequently do, make fraudulent statements regarding your rights and benefits without fear of any financial consequence.

United will frequently hire medical management firms such as Corvel Corporation whose stated function is to assist injured employees in getting the best possible medical treatment available. However, their job is to, in fact, use their best efforts to minimize the total amount of medical treatment, at times, to the detriment of the physical well-being of the injured employee.

United continues to ask their employees to demonstrate their commitment to the carrier’s survival by requesting they give back hard won benefits, pay increases and in some instances, even the loss of their jobs.

At the same time, United’s executives exercise their power at every opportunity to protect and, in some cases, strengthen their own pay and benefit packages.

Even United’s bankruptcy attorneys, Kirkland & Ellis, have requested and received from the bankruptcy court, substantial increases in their hourly rate, which, for partners, exceeds $600 per hour. In January 2003, alone, the firm reportedly billed United for over 9,000 hours.

Regardless of United’s ultimate fate and your future with the company, you should not have to sacrifice your legal rights to receive the maximum benefits provided by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act after sustaining an on-the-job injury.

The bottom line is that only you can protect your physical well-being and financial security. We, therefore encourage any United employee sustaining any type of work-related injury, whether traumatic or repetitive in origin (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, back and neck injuries, etc.), to contact our office anytime at

800-437-2571 or use our convenient Confidential Contact Form.

Important note to United Airlines Flight Attendants

The collective bargaining agreement with your union allows United Airlines Flight Attendants who are injured anywhere in the world to receive benefits under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation (IWCA) .

United will frequently pay benefits to injured employees under state law where the accident occurred or where the employee is presently based even though the employee could legally be entitled to receive benefits under the IWCA.

The schedule of benefits payable under the IWCA are more comprehensive than those

There is concern that the court could, at anytime during United’s bankruptcy proceedings, modify or void your union contract, possibly resulting in the forfeiture of your right to receive the substantial benefits provided by the IWCA.

We therefore, urge any flight attendant who has sustained a work-related injury but has not filed an Illinois Workers’ Compensation claim or is receiving benefits from another state, to contract our office as soon as possible by calling anytime 800-437-2571 or click here for a free, no obligation, confidential Consult with an experienced attorney.

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