By Donald W. Fohrman
28 Apr, 2020
On April 13, 2020, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) enacted an emergency rule which is designed to protect essential employees should they become ill with COVID 19. The rule creates a “rebuttable presumption” that if an essential employee contracts COVID 19, the contraction occurred during-the-course of his or her employment.
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$6.2 million Workers’ Compensation settlement against Sears

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
A Federal court recently approved a ADA payout by Sears in the amount of $6.2 million. The EEOC filed a lawsuit against Sears alleging that the Sears' policy of terminating employees instead of providing them with a reasonable accommodation for their disabilities was in violation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.
Sears Hawthorn

Menard Correctional Center Workers’ Compensation Claims

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
Illinois Judge orders release of prison guards tests for carpal tunnel syndrome After hearing arguments by Central Management Services, The Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the Belleville News-Democrat, Cook County Circuit Court Judge, Michael Hyman ordered the release of medical records of prison guards at Menard Correctional Center who received disability payments for carpal tunnel […]
Carpal atrophy
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Illinois courts award a portion of MSA funding to ex-wife

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
The Illinois Appellate Court ruled that the funds in a Medicare set-aside (MSA) are part of a workers' compensation settlement thereby allowing an ex-wife to a portion of the MSA. The claimant was injured in a work accident in 2008. He filed a workers compensation claim and was married at the time of the filing. The claimant filed for divorce the following year and a dissolution of marriage was granted in August 2010. The divorce agreement awarded the ex-wife 17.5% of the net proceeds of the claimant's workers compensation settlement.
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Sexual Harassment

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
Illinois Labor Update A jury recently found that having a anti-sexual harassment policy just isn’t enough to guard against lawsuits. The EEOC sued the owner of a franchise restaurant on behalf of 2 young women who were sexually harassed by an older manager. When they reported the harassment to another manager, that manager “blew them […]
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Work related rotator cuff tears

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
With the cut back in the labor force more and more workers are being forced to pick up the slack. This often times leads to injuries caused by over-use. One of the common injuries associated with over-use is the tear of the shoulder's rotator cuff.
Full Thickness Tear
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