What does the Jones Act cover?

By Donald W. Fohrman
20 Mar, 2015
A man who was seriously injured in a boat explosion in Alton in 2009 was recently awarded a settlement of more than seven million dollars. This settlement is the largest amount ever awarded under the provisions of the Jones Act in Illinois, according to a report in the Alton Telegraph. The Jones Act is an important piece of legislation that safeguards the rights of sailors and other people who work on and around the water.
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Common errors found on Illinois workers’ compensation claims

By Donald W. Fohrman
30 Sep, 2014
When Illinois employees are injured on the job, they have the right to full compensation for hours of work lost and the cost of medical treatment. According to the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, more than 40,000 workers’ compensation claims were filed in the state in 2012. Unfortunately, many claims are delayed or rejected because of common errors. Learning about these errors can increase the likelihood of a successful claim.
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Seeking workers’ compensation in Illinois for repetitive injuries

By Donald W. Fohrman
25 Sep, 2014
When people think of work-related injuries, they often imagine catastrophic events such as crushing accidents, burns and broken bones. Damage suffered on the job can also be gradual and insidious. According to the Department of Labor, more than 60,000 workers in Illinois were disabled to some extent by repetitive injuries during 2013. Repetitive stress can […]
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Railroad workers face serious injury risks in Illinois

By Donald W. Fohrman
23 Sep, 2014
According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, more than 30 percent of the freight in America is transported by rail. This busy industry comes with considerable dangers. Railroad work is a hazardous profession, and records compiled by the Monthly Labor Review show a rate of serious injury almost twice that of other industries in Illinois. […]
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Unfair Employment Practices: Starbucks facing another complaint

By Donald W. Fohrman
6 May, 2013
The Detroit regional office of the National Labor Relations Board filed a complaint against Starbucks Corp, alleging unfair labor practices stemming from an investigation into a charge made by Cole Dorsey, an employee of Starbucks
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