Woman Awarded $2 million in Sexual Harassment Suit

A Louisville, Kentucky woman was awarded $2 million after claiming she was forced to leave her job as a plant supervisor for Philip Morris USA because of sexual harassment.

A Jefferson Circuit Court jury, after 11 hours of deliberations, awarded Mary Wilson compensatory damages for humiliation, embarrassment and mental anguish. She had been seeking $13 million.

Wilson had been on medical leave since March 1993. She sued Philip Morris in February, 1994, alleging that she suffered through more than a year of sexual harassment by men she supervised in the Louisville plant.

Wilson’s attorney said her mental health has been badly damaged by the experience and submitted her medical records for review during jury deliberations.

Both Wilson and the company agreed that after she complained of the harassment, Philip Morris sent the three men in question to sexual-harassment counseling, after which the sexual comments stopped.

But Wilson alleged the men engaged in a retaliatory work slowdown, and when she complained to her supervisors about that, the company offered to move her to another department. She refused.