Commission Awarded Benefits To Claimant For Back Disability Resulting From Repetitive Bending And Sorting Printouts

Claimant worked for defendant as a telemarketer and sales closer. She then began working in quality assurance, which involved filing, typing and sorting sales,. She separated printouts into individual sheets, placed them on a table and sorted them by salesperson. She would sort between 300 to 600 pages. She began to notice tingling in her hands and pain in her back. On a specific occasion, while bending over to sort papers, she felt a severe pain and was unable to stand up. She underwent back surgery.

The Commission held that claimant was entitled to benefits for back disability resulting from repetitive bending and sorting printouts, where expert testimony indicated that claimant’s bending and sorting could or might have precipitated her back herniation and fragments in her spinal canal.

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