Volkswagen Scandal Deepens as Plot Thickens

By mjdadmin
25 Nov, 2015
On Friday, November 20th, the Environmental Protection Agency announced that Volkswagen has admitted to government investigators that in addition to the "clean diesel" vehicles equipped with emissions defeating software, that all of the company's 3-liter V-6 diesel vehicles manufactured since 2006 were equipped with software designed to defeat US emissions testing systems.

What does the Jones Act cover?

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20 Mar, 2015
A man who was seriously injured in a boat explosion in Alton in 2009 was recently awarded a settlement of more than seven million dollars. This settlement is the largest amount ever awarded under the provisions of the Jones Act in Illinois, according to a report in the Alton Telegraph. The Jones Act is an important piece of legislation that safeguards the rights of sailors and other people who work on and around the water.
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What is a musculoskeletal injury?

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17 Mar, 2015
The human body is held together by a powerful and complex network of muscles and ligaments. When this network is damaged through improper use, a person can become unable to continue with work duties, as Chicago workers’ compensation attorneys are aware. Learning about musculoskeletal injuries can help workers decrease their risk of physical damage on the job.

Whiplash can lead to chronic pain after a car accident

By mjdadmin
15 Oct, 2014
A sprain or strain is a soft tissue injury, and when this type of damage happens in the neck, it is called whiplash. Individuals in Illinois who are in automobile crashes frequently experience the condition due to the sudden stretching and bending of the neck. Injuries often include damage to the joints, discs, muscles and nerves. It is critical for a person who is in a motor vehicle accident to seek treatment, even when the injury does not appear to be significant at first. Symptoms may be present immediately after the injury, or may not show up for several days afterward. When pain signals continue in the nervous system for six months or longer, the pain is considered chronic.
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Driver behavior causes over 95 percent of all accidents

By mjdadmin
11 Oct, 2014
In motor vehicle crashes, many people place blame on a vehicle malfunction, a defect in the road or road construction. These factors do play a role in car accidents, but in the majority of cases, the primary causes are speeding or driving aggressively. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Safety, there were 274,291 crashes in 2012. Twenty-two percent of these were injury crashes, and there were 956 fatalities.
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