Seniors Remain at High Risk for Nursing Home Abuse [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
22 Mar, 2016
For many elderly people and their families, the decision to live in a nursing home is a very difficult one. They have to place their trust in strangers to care for and protect vulnerable and sometimes ill people during one of the most challenging times of their lives. What makes it even worse is when this trust is broken. Unfortunately, this occurs much more often than anyone would like to admit. Here are some facts about abuse in nursing homes that show just how risky it is for the elderly to live in a nursing home. 

The Leading Cause of Death Among the Elderly [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
10 Mar, 2016
Falls are the leading cause of death from injury among the elderly, with nearly 10,000 elderly deaths caused by falls every year. One in three people over the age of 65 fall every year, and two out of every three elderly people that fall will fall again in six months. Hospital stays for falls are twice as long as those for any other reason.

Immigrants are Entitled to Workers’ Compensation Benefits [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
28 Feb, 2016
Immigration reform is one of the hottest topics around the country. Amid concerns from employers, unions, and the employees themselves, many proposals are being floated that could potentially strip rights and benefits away from the 25.7 million foreign-born laborers the Department of Labor estimates are working within the United States. This figure represents roughly 16.5% of the total labor force and many of these laborers work in service and manufacturing sectors of the economy. As such, they are exposed to a greater degree of occupational risk than the rest of the workforce.

Workers’ Risk of Fatal Injuries Varies By Profession [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
5 Feb, 2016
Where a person works, and what job they perform can have a significant impact on an individual's risk of injury. Some professions carry inherent dangers that can be mitigated, but not entirely avoided. In 2014, the Bureau of Labor Statistics records show that 4,679 workers lost their lives while performing their jobs. Nearly half, or 1,891, were because of transportation-related accidents. 

Do Pre-Existing Injuries Have an Impact on Personal Injury Claims? [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
1 Feb, 2016
When trying to decide whether to file a personal injury claim, the injured party may have many questions. One of the most common questions he or she may ask their Chicago personal injury attorney is whether having a pre-existing injury will jeopardize their case. This is a valid concern because the negligent party or their insurance company will likely try to use that information against the injured party to settle for lesser damages or nothing at all. However, the existence of a pre-existing injury does not automatically mean that the injured party cannot seek compensation for their current personal injury claim. This holds true even if the previous injury has been aggravated by the new incident.
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