Ways Drivers Can Be Impaired and Not Realize It [infographic]

By Donald W. Fohrman
29 Mar, 2016
Research shows that many things can impair a driver's ability to drive properly. People tend to think about someone being under the influence of drugs and alcohol when they think about impaired driving. Other things that impair one's driving aren't so obvious, but they can be just as dangerous. It is important for someone in an accident to consult a Chicago car accident attorney to determine if the other driver was distracted, because this can affect the amount of compensation they receive.
Forhman 1 Short Ways Drivers Can Be Impaired and Not Realize It scaled

Illinois bill seeks tougher measures against negligent truck drivers

By Donald W. Fohrman
27 Jul, 2015
Truck accidents can be some of the most devastating, damaging accidents that occur on the nation’s roads. Due to the exceptionally large size of most commercial trucks in relation to other vehicles, trucks tend to sustain minimal damage while other vehicles are severely mangled. An Illinois lawyer may see many drivers in their careers who were critically injured in this type of car accident. State lawmakers are hoping that a new bill taking a tougher stance against negligent truckers will help to stem the tide of these accidents and keep more residents safe.
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Why can’t drivers stop texting?

By Donald W. Fohrman
29 Jun, 2015
The National Safety Council estimates that about one-fifth of distracted driving crashes, or 6 percent of all accidents, involve texting. As any Illinois car accident lawyer could confirm, this habit takes a significant toll in Illinois. According to Illinois Department of Transportation data, 274,111 car crashes occurred throughout Illinois in 2012. Based on the NSC findings, over 16,000 of these accidents may have involved texting.

Selfies: One of the worst driver distractions

By Donald W. Fohrman
3 Apr, 2015
Self-taken photos, colloquially known as “selfies,” are becoming increasingly popular in Illinois and around the country. Taking selfies while behind the wheel, which is particularly popular among teenage drivers, has become a disturbing trend. This practice is exceptionally dangerous, as it causes drivers to lose focus on the road. Any Chicago car accident attorney would attest that this behavior may lead to serious accidents.

4 common driving errors that cause serious accidents

By Donald W. Fohrman
19 Mar, 2015
When drivers in Illinois get behind the wheel, they are at risk of becoming a victim in a motor vehicle collision and needing to turn to an Illinois car accident attorney. However, the number of car accidents that occur could be drastically reduced if drivers would avoid certain driving errors as they operate a vehicle.
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