By Donald W. Fohrman
28 Apr, 2020
On April 13, 2020, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC) enacted an emergency rule which is designed to protect essential employees should they become ill with COVID 19. The rule creates a “rebuttable presumption” that if an essential employee contracts COVID 19, the contraction occurred during-the-course of his or her employment.
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Will Nursing Home Residents Lose the Right to Sue for Abuse?

By Donald W. Fohrman
21 Sep, 2017
The Trump Administration, through announcements released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, illustrated its intent to roll back legal rights enacted under the Obama Administration that made it easier for patients to sue nursing homes for abuse and other violations. Nursing home patients’ rights have come under increasing fire in the Republican-dominated Congress and by the Trump Administration.
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Nursing Home Evictions Soar in Illinois

By Donald W. Fohrman
14 Sep, 2017
The rate of nursing home evictions has gone up dramatically over the last few years. This staggering increase has lawmakers and organizations rushing to implement new policies to cut back on the number of wrongful discharges.
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Cuts to Medicaid Could Force People Out Of Nursing Homes

By Donald W. Fohrman
23 Aug, 2017
The proposed cuts to Medicaid imperil the millions of retirees who depend on the government program for their nursing home care services. Earlier this year Republicans proposed steep cuts to Medicaid as part of the effort to roll-back the “Obamacare” healthcare reforms. Medicaid pays for the majority of people who reside in nursing homes. Any changes to the program, without alternative funding and support structures, would rile the nursing home industry.
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Rising Obesity Rates Strain Nursing Home Facilities

By Donald W. Fohrman
9 Aug, 2017
As obesity rates rise, nursing homes are struggling to provide assisted-living care to obese and morbidly obese patients. Since these patients often require specialized equipment and more work-hours, and they increase the risk for staff injuries, many nursing homes simply can't keep up. As a result, many nursing homes are rejecting obese patients altogether.
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Investigating Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

By Donald W. Fohrman
21 Jul, 2017
A nursing home neglect or abuse investigation can uncover if a loved one is beating treated poorly. Substantiating evidence of abuse or neglect can help a family recover damages for the injuries that a loved one has suffered.
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