What Is The $ Value Of My Claim?

Anyone injured in an accident should receive the maximum amount of compensation they are legally entitled to receive. Many people trust the insurance companies to determine the fair value of their claim. Unfortunately, the sole objective of the insurance company is to maximize their profits by limiting the amount of money paid to an injured person.

There is no simple formula for determining the value of a Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury claims. Several factors must be taken into consideration to effectively determine the value of your claim. These include:

  • Circumstances of the accident
  • Reliability of notice to the employer
  • Extent of injuries sustained (fractures, herniated disks)
  • Extent of medical treatment (physical therapy, surgery)
  • Findings of objective testing (ct scans, mri)
  • Quality of medical reports issued by treating doctors
  • Significance of pre-existing conditions
  • Relevance of previous accidents or injuries
  • Existence of temporary or permanent restrictions.
  • Gross weekly wage of the claimant
  • Lost time from work

Additional factors in auto accident cases include details records in the police report, issuance of traffic tickets, quality of the insurance company involved, limits of insurance coverage, extent of damage to vehicles.

The only effective way to determine the approximate value of an injury claim is for these and other factors to be evaluated by an experienced attorney who has actually settled and/or litigate a significant number of claims.

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