Softflex Glove: New Glove Developed by Plastic Surgeon Could Relieve Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms

CTD News 1996


Dr. Mark Eberbach, a board certified plastic surgeon, specializing in treating hand nerve injuries in Tampa, Florida, has developed a glove to reduce the pressure on the median nerve which creates painful symptoms that plague keyboard and mouse users.

Each Softflex Computer Glove is designed with two soft foam cushions that run on each side of and parallel to the median nerve at the wrist. When a keyboard user’s wrists are at rest at the computer, the gloves absorb and divert the pressure so that the median nerve is not compressed.

According to Dr. Eberbach, his study of data entry personnel and medical transcribers, statistically proved the effectiveness of the Softflex Computer Glove. More than 75% of the symptomatic computer users in his study showed marked improvement after just six weeks of wearing the gloves and 25% were cured of their symptoms all together. According to Dr. Eberbach, the Softflex Computer Glove provides maximum comfort and ease of use without rigid braces, splints or cumbersome closures.

Presently, Softflex Computer Gloves are being used by many Fortune 500 corporations and hospitals. Some of these include Blue Cross-Blue Shield, Baxter Healthcare and State Farm Insurance.

Four Point Products, Dr. Eberbach’s company which manufactures and distributes Softflex Computer Gloves is presently negotiating with many retail chain stores to the make the gloves available to consumers nationwide.