Worker’s Compensation for Injured Union Employees

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Union employees who are injured on the job are generally entitled to worker’s compensation benefits. Obtaining full and fair compensation for workplace injuries, however, can be further complicated by clauses in the union contract and any possible third-party causes of action.

For more than 34 years, the Chicago union employee accident attorneys at Donald Fohrman & Associates, Ltd. have focused on representing injured employees of all kinds in connection with their worker’s compensation and other legal claims. We have obtained more than $100,000,000 in worker’s compensation benefits on behalf of thousands of union workers. Because of our extensive experience, we are able to guide union members through the particular legal and practical problems they face after being injured in an on-the-job accident.

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Worker’s Compensation for Injured Union Employees

Workers’ compensation benefits are generally available to all injured employees, including union employees, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.  Worker’s compensation benefits are paid by the employer’s insurance company, but it is the obligation of the injured employee to submit a claim for workers’ compensation.

In order to file a workers’ compensation claim, an injured union employee must submit an Application for Claim with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission. Employers are prohibited from taking any retaliatory action – such as making threats against, harassing, or terminating the injured employee – against an injured employee who seeks worker’s compensation benefits.

Additional Legal Rights for Injured Union Employees

Injured union employees may also be entitled to other compensation in addition to worker’s compensation benefits. For instance, an injured union employee may be entitled to certain disability benefits pursuant to the union contract.

Moreover, depending on the circumstances surrounding the workplace accident, an injured union employee may also be entitled to compensation through a third-party cause of action, against:

  • Negligent General Contractors. Union construction tradesmen are frequently employed by subcontractors who, in turn, are hired by a general contractor. If a worker is injured as a result of negligence by the general contractor or another subcontractor, the injured union worker could also have a third-party cause of action against the negligent party, in addition to a worker’s compensation claim.
  • Manufacturers of Defective Machinery. Union workers often suffer injuries as a result of defective equipment or tools, such as ladders, power drills or power saws. If a union worker is injured by defective machinery or equipment, he or she may also have a claim against the manufacturer of the defective product.
  • Negligent Motorists. Union truckers and motorists can become involved in a motor vehicle accident with a negligent motorist while on the job. In these cases, the injured union employee may also be entitled to compensation from the negligent motorist.
  • Negligent Property Owners. If an employee is injured in a slip and fall accident, or other accident on the property of another, as a result of negligent maintenance of the property, the injured employee may have a legal claim against the owner or operator of the property.
  • Negligent Doctors and Hospitals. In some cases, an employee’s injuries can be exacerbated as a result of medical malpractice. In these situations, the injured union employee may have a legal claim against the negligent doctor or hospital.

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