Do I Need an Attorney?

Immediately after being seriously injured in an accident, you are “thrown” into an adversarial legal system. In other words, the insurance company representing the party at fault for the accident has in place a team of adjustors, investigators and attorneys who are working against you seeking to pay as little as possible to settle your claim.

Many accident victims, already in distressed physical and financial circumstances, understandably choose to delay the “hassles” involved in selecting and hiring a personal injury attorney. Others having had a “bad experience” with an attorney (i.e. divorce) or simply do not like or trust attorneys on “general principles,” attempt to represent their own legal interests.

The bottom line reality is considering the legalities and complexities of the established system for compensating accidents victims, the retaining of a qualified Personal Injury attorney is a “necessary evil” to “level the playing field” and to ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your injuries.

The following are some common sense observations to assist you in answering the question “Do I need an attorney?”


  1. After an accident, while you are still receiving treatment for your injuries, the party at fault in your accident has notified their insurance company. The insurance company adjustors and investigators are experienced and they recognize the importance of immediately investigating and “processing” accident sites.
  2. The insurance company is under no legal obligation to inform you of your legal rights. In fact, insurance companies can and frequently do, make fraudulent statements regarding your rights without being subject to any legal or financial penalties.
  3. Every insurance company employs experienced defense attorneys who “operate behind the scenes, whose sole responsibility is to protect the financial interests of the insurance company.
  4. Insurance companies are in business to make money, and the less they pay on claims, the greater their profit margin.
  5. Any statements made to insurance company adjustors, can and will be used in court to minimize your recovery.
  6. Insurance company adjustors are trained to take advantage of the fact that claimants have no knowledge or experience in determining the fair value of their claim.
  7. Considering that attorney fees are 100% contingent upon your recovery, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by hiring a qualified Personal Injury attorney as soon as practical after being injured in an accident.
  8. How many insurance company adjustors do you think received promotions or increases in salary after bragging” to their supervisors how much money they pay to “deserving” claimants.
  9. Many accident victims attempting to avoid paying legal fees try to represent themselves in their dealings with the insurance company and call an attorney only after they realize that they are “over their heads.” Unfortunately, there are many mistakes (i.e. providing self-incriminating statements to adjustors) that cannot be “undone” even by the most experienced Personal Injury attorney.
  10. Every accident victim seeking fair compensation for their injuries must retain a qualified Personal Injury Attorney.

How can we make this statement? Simple, even with our considerable experience and knowledge of the law, we have to fight “tooth and nail” with insurance company attorneys to secure fair compensation for every one of our clients.